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Post  Diddy Kong on Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:54 pm

The Warning System

You will start off with 20 "life balloons." Every offense has a set number of warnings. If you break that rule your "balloons" will be "popped." When you run out, you will be suspended or banned depending on the nature of the offense. Every "pop" you get, the bar under your avatar will go up one.

1 "Pop"
2 "Pops"
4 "Pops"

Intentional Double Post
Constant Misspellings and the post is hard to read
Intentional Triple Post
Flaming a Member
Being a Fuckwad
Doing something that was specifically told not to do
Posting porn
Flaming staff

Posting and Topics

Please be careful when posting topics. When you post or make a new topic be as clear as possible and when asking a question be as specific as possible.
When you decide to open a new topic, please don't repost the same topic.

Groups and Ranks

These are the standard ranks for The Barrel Cannon:

Kong Recruit200
Jr. Kong250
Half Kong300
Kong Veteran500
Super Kong800
Kremling Killer1000
Cave Crawler1200
Zinger Stinger1500
Barrel Blaster2000

Coconut Crew

The Coconut Crew is the first rank in the Coconut Club. To enter this you need:

1 warning or less.
At least Kong Recruit
A reputation of over 20

Any additional warnings can be made up with 50 additional posts.

Crystal Coconuts

The Crystal Coconuts is the elite group in the Coconut Club. In some places on the forum, the Crystal Coconuts have more rights than the Moderators. They can moderate all the DKC related topics.

0 warnings
At least a Super Kong
A reputation of over 50
Report at least 2 posts found to be a violation of a rule



1 warning or less
At least a Kong Recruit
A reputation of over 10
Report at least 2 posts found to be a violation of a rule


There is a small chance that I will ever let anyone else be an Admin after an incident on my original forum (I let my friend be an Admin and he accidentally uh.... destroyed.... the site.).


O warnings
At least a Barrel Blaster
A reputation of over 60
Report at least 10 posts found to be a violation of a rule

Note: I have the right to deny you of membership to any of those groups. The requirements up there are there because I won't even consider letting you in. These aren't like the ranks where when you meet the requirements you automatically get in.

Money System

I am considering adding a money system to the forum (Not real money, fake money). But this message will stay here until I decide to do it.


OK here is the money system:

Banana coins are awarded for doing things. They can be used to buy:

Warning Removal: 20 Coins
Points Donation: 1 Coin per Point
Forum: 100 Coins
Personal Group: 50 Coins

The max amount of Banana Coins is 200, 5 will be given when a Member Joins.

To redeem your free coins, post a message here asking for them, if I don't PM you saying you got them, PM me.

Moderators and Admins will have infinite Coins unless, the abuse this, at that point they will be kicked out of Mod/Admin.
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